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05:30¬† ¬†Hallgeir Martin Lundemo - vinner med ny l√łyperekord: 16 runder p√• 19 timer og 21 minutter!

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22:00  Waiting for the two remaining runners to come in. Hallgeir for his 11th and Geir for his 10th round.

17:50   Seven runners still in the game. Many will be finishing their last lap in the next hour and a half. Excited to see how many continue beyond 8 laps!

14:35   Several runners have finished for today. Kristin is out on round 6 in the lead. Still 19 runners in action.

12:18   Two rounds done. And everyone is out on number three! Kristin Solbakken in the lead, with Espen only three minutes behind.

11:06   All runners through first round! It has started to rain, and the runners report a challenging and muddy course...

10:00   The runners are out on round 1. 24 runners showed up for the challenge this year!

Finished runners
Name Rounds Race Result
Christine Berger 3 KUTC-8 DNF
Markus Erngrund 4 KUTC-4 3:42:44
Håkon Jacobsen 3 KUTC-4 DNF
Geir Jacobsen 4 KUTC-8 DNF
Kjetil Gotvassli 4 KUTC-8 DNF
Torbj√łrn Ranheim 4 KUTC-4 4:33:27
Stian Vallestad Alvær 4 KUTC-4 4:50:59
Emma Amundsen 4 KUTC-4 4:51:12
Per Vesterbukt 4 KUTC-4 4:58:34
Kristin Solbakken 6 KUTC-8 DNF
Arianna Cagali 4 KUTC-4 4:42:37
Samuel Dufrenoy 5 KUTC-4 3:52:32
Inga Dahlen Konow 5 KUTC-8 DNF
Espen Halvorsen Bj√łrgan 6 KUTC-4 3:28:33
Anders Kruke 5 KUTC-4 4:24:18
Ronny St√łbakk 6 KUTC-4 4:00:33
Alf-Eirik Birkeland 8 KUTC-8 8:28:21
Anders Skar 7 KUTC-4 4:30:50
Carl Fredrik Andresen 8 KUTC-8 8:40:24
Anders Risvik 7 KUTC-8 DNF
Evy Gjedrem 8 KUTC-8 9:07:32
Paul Håkon Almås 5 KUTC-4 4:57:21
Geir Knutsen 11 KUTC-8 9:13:33
Hallgeir Martin Lundemo 16 KUTC-12 13:24:28

KUTC 2023

This year's participants before start: