The race motto is "KISS and run", and we try to keep everything simple and unformal.

The race is 100 % self supported, except at the base camp where participants can find some bare necessities like water, shelter and a toilet.

Participants limit

There will be a maximum number of participants allowed in order to ensure that the facilities are sufficient to support the participants needs, and that the neighborhood of the race is not unduly bothered. In 2019 this number has been set to 24.

Insurance and medical aid

No insurance is provided by the race organisers. In case of a medical emergency, please call the official emergency number 113. 

Race procedure:

0) Prepare well (or not...)
1) Wait for the GO signal
2) Run/walk/crawl to the top of Solemsvåttan
3) Return to start
4) Repeat from 2) until time limit is breached (see below) or you choose to quit
5) Start restitution
6) Wait for the registration of next year's KBUTC to open
7) Apply again!

Time limit:

Each runner is given a time limit of one hour and fifteen minutes at the beginning of the race, and receive an additional one hour and fifteen minutes for each finished loop.

Runners are only allowed to start a new loop if their previous loop was finished within the time limit.

Race result:

If a runner finishes a loop outside the time limit, this loop and the finish time will count as the runners final race result. The definitive cut-off time is 32 hours, meaning that valid results will always be less than 32 hours.

Time and place

The competition starts at 10:00 AM, Saturday 19th of October 2019, from base camp at Jamthaugveien 37, 7562 Saksvik.
Participants traveling from far away (you never know!) should easily be able to find accommodation in Trondheim. 
The local AtB bus services has changed in 2019, so please check their homepage at for details. 


Entry fee: NOK 100,-

No-show fee: A picture, with full publishing rights for the organizer, showing the applicant doing a penance called "legge seg flat" ("lying flat")


Runners are ranked primarily by number of finished loops (in descending order) and then by their finish time (in ascending order). Or simply: More loops is better, and finish time is the tie-breaker.


In line with the race's motto, there are no prizes. However, completing 7 rounds or more counts as an ultra-race and contributes toward achieving Kondis ultraløpsfatet. Also, depending on the number of loops you are able to complete, you might earn qualification points for the UTMB or other races which depends on the ITRA rating system. 


The course consists of an out-and-back loop, 6.7056 km (4.1664 miles) long with 368.666... meters of elevation gain. 24 loops corresponds to 100 miles and an elevation gain of 8848 meters (one Everest :-).

The race is evaluated by ITRA and will be registered as a qualifying race for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). The following table shows from left to right: Number of loops (#), race distance in kilometers, race distance in miles, cumulative elevation gain (CEG) in meters, expected number of ITRA points.

 #   km / mi     CEG  ITRA
 4 26.8/ 16.7 1475 1
7 46.9/ 29.2 2949 2
12 80.5/ 50.0 4424 3
16 107.3/ 66.7 5899 4
20 134.1/ 83.4 7374 5
24 160.9/100.0 8848 5
25 167.6/104.2 9217 6

Note: New rules as of 2019 means that 24 loops is not enough to get 6 points anymore, you now need 25! undecided

For other number of rounds please do the calculation yourself and note that the ITRA points will be the same as the closest one in the table that is less than the one you calculate. For instance, 11 rounds should give 2 points (same as for 7 rounds). 

I am looking forward to evaluate your application! 

(-: Torgeir :-)

Getting there

Bus service to Værestrøa: AtB Bus #79 Bus service to Malvikvegen: Bus #70

Travel planner: AtB
- enter Saksvik (Malvik) as destination