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Ultra-Trail Challenge

Welcome to the ultimate autumn ultra challenge in Trøndelag!

The KBUTC challenges you to run an out-and-back trail from Saksvik to Solemsvåttan as many times as you can within the given time limits. Test your own limits!

  • Make it 7 times to be a real ultra-trail runner (> 42.2 km)
  • Make it 8, 12 or 15 times to reach the classic ultra distances of 50 km, 50 miles or 100 km
  • Make it 24 times to run 100 miles, climb Mount Everest... and be a legend!
  • Make it (at least) 25 times to earn the maximum of six ITRA points!

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Some changes has been made based on the experiences from last year. For example the time limits have been relaxed a bit (but are still very tough!). 

... and a fair warning:

If you're aiming mainly for the ITRA points then this is probably some of the hardest earned points you can get. The ITRA rules 'punishes' looped races such as this. Also, the race takes place at a time of year when you have a good chance of fighting the weather, the dark and the trail conditions in addition to the normal challenges with ascents, descents, length, fatigue and possible sleep deprivation.

All good fun for us crazy ultra adicts though :)

You find links to the race manual, registration/application form and startlist at the bottom of this page.


The course

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Q & A

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Registration normally opens during Easter, and will be announced on the home page and facebook page of KrUltra. 

Registration does not guarantee a ticket to the event, as all registrations are treated as applications pending approval by the race organizers. 

Applications are accepted until ten days before the event, or until we reach the maximum number of participants.

Please allow for some days of processing as applications are reviewed on an irregular basis! 

Race manual  -  Registration (not open yet)  -  Startlist - Live timing and results